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King Air Landing Gear Exchange

Trace Aviation invests in King Air landing gear components, as inventory permits,  offers to exchange components as either individual pieces or complete ship sets.  Not only does this exchange program save our customers down time but also costs the same as overhauling your components but without the wait.

Shipping: We ship components worldwide via FedEx Freight and the FedEx Trade Network.  Core returns are easy because we include all necessary core return paperwork with exchange components.

All of our exchange gears components are shipped with renewed landing gear-to-airframe attach hardware.  All hardware has been magnaflux inspected for defects and cadium plated.  All at no extra cost along with all greases and cotter pins needed for landing gear installation. Failure to return original hardware with core components will result in additional charge backs.*

Charge Back:  Amounts are figured upon the cost to replace or repair an item. Rather than replace condemned parts with expensive factory new, we subscribe to and utilize online inventory websites to find the most cost effective yet approved replacement parts and pass the savings to you, the customer.

*Please note that upon inspection of your core landing gear components there may be additional charges for discrepancies that are beyond the scope of a normal overhaul. These “charge backs” will occur upon finding missing, corroded, or cracked parts and parts worn beyond allowable limits. Due to the many variations, dynamics, complexity, age and history, of this landing gear system, until your exchange parts go through our inspection process, we can only estimate as to what you may expect in charge backs.

Call us at (601) 936-3599 or email us at for more information.

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